Friday, November 1, 2013

Attention Members

M.E.S.S. has had a lot of new people join this year which is fantastic. I would like to share with everyone a couple of points. When I started M.E.S.S. a couple of years ago it was originally just to find more social opportunities for all the kids. Classes were great of course but social opportunities for just play weren't always so easily found. So M.E.S.S. was born of a need to find social ties for the kids. It has since evolved to be a full on homeschool group. Which is great!

 It is my hope to see all MESS members jump in with any ideas that you may have and share them with the group. When creating events it's okay to create similar events. Sometimes people can't make a specific date for one event and having another option is helpful. Newsletter articles would also be greatly appreciated. We all have different teaching styles, methodologies, ideas, please share! That's how we grow as homeschoolers and teachers.

As said in previous newsletters my family has asked that I step back and take some down time. So if anyone who is a member would like to post an event for the group I ask that you email all the details.
*Name of event
*Time of event
*cost of event if any
*limited number of attendees?
*if any help would be appreciated?
*venue for event
I will then happily create a facebook event page for the event. In this way we can keep the facebook page a tad less confusing for all.

Don't be shy about creating events. It can be as simple as setting up a field trip or play date. If you have just wee kids and are looking to make some connections, it's okay to set up an event for just the littles. If you have teens and want just teens to attend that's okay too. The group is here to facilitate everyone who is homeschooling or thinking of homeschooling.

As always remember to invite friends who may be interested!


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