As homeschoolers in Ontario we have so many choices available to us. This is a list of many of the great sources of materials we can choose from. I have also added a couple of reviews. If you have tried any of the products please feel free to submit a review to our email. Be sure to include how many stars out of 5 you rate the product.
 If you know of others please email the link to and I will be sure to add it! (work in progress some are out of alphabetical order. I apologize as I add more in I will try to neaten it up.)


Book Outlet ..formerly Book Closeouts. ***** This site is great when looking for inexpensive reading materials. I have even found some great deals on curriculum here. Shipping is fast and reasonable. -A.Flinn


Enki Education (curriculum) 

Essentials in Writing  ***** I love that the lessons on are on dvd. The incremental approach really works well.

Handwriting Without Tears 

Head Start Kids 

Homeschooling Books ***** I have personally ordered from here. They have excellent pricing, selection, and customer service. They also have a wonderfully laid out catalogue. -A.Flinn

Homeschool and More (Canadian) 

Homeschool Astronomy 

Homeschool Beaver (Canadian History Song Curriculum) 

Homeschool Learning Network 

Homeschool Mania (homeschool themed products) 

Homeschool Programming 

Heritage Resources.  ***** This family owned Canadian company I have ordered from. They don't always have in stock what you want and they don't have fancy online ordering. What they don't have is made up for in spades with friendly customer service and a know how to get the materials you require. Shipping was reasonable as well -A.Flinn

Homeschoolopoly Board Game

Homeschool Boutique  

Homeschool Science 

Homeschool Science Press 

Homeschooling Supply 

Homeschool Stockroom 


IQ Locker (science and tech kits)

Ideal Curriculum (Reading) 

Intellego Unit Studies 

International Virtual Learning 

Independent Learning Center for Ontario (highschool credit courses and elementary) 


Journal In a Box  

Joy Center of Learning (Canadian)

Jump Math 




Kaleeka Press (Canadian) 

Kids Can Press 

Knowledge Box Central (Lapbooks and Notebooks) 

Keyboard Classroom

Kids Who Excel (Help Books for Gifted Kids)

Konos (Unit Studies)


Little Passports (Geography)

Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum 

Learning Adventures (unit studies) 

Learn and Master (music) 

Learning Things the Education Store 

Learning Through History 

Learnables (foreign language) 

Letterland (Phonics) 

Light House Productions (Science and more) 

Link On Learning Virtual School k12 

Linking Blocks (Hands on English) 

Little Flowers Family Press  

Live Education (Waldorf Inspired) 

Living Books Curriculum 

Logic of English ***** I have found this a comprehensive program that is very labor intensive. One lesson can easily take three hours to complete. Which is why I break it into bite size portions each day. I also found shipping to Canada to be astronomical. If you have shipped make sure you do it through a shipping service across the river. It is worth the cost if you follow it closely. Not a curriculum you can veer off from easily. -A.Flinn
***** Logic of English ‘Foundations’ Review I will start off by saying that I struggled in school with reading and spelling. When we decided to home school I was more confident to teach algebra than reading. I even thought of sending our kids to school so that someone else could teach them to read. Then I heard a presentation from the Logic of English and I knew right away we had found what we were looking for. We were chosen to be a part of the test group for LOE Foundation, and it was truly an honour. I was amazed at how quickly and easily my son caught on to the rules and phonograms. Friends and family are amazed at his reading and comprehension. The program is designed for ages 4-7. My son was 4 in JK when we started and has been able to follow along at a good pace. We did 5 lessons a week about 45 minutes a lesson. My daughter started this year in JK as well but was 3 (turned 4 in Nov) and has been able to keep the same pace. Many of the beta testers did less than 5 days a week and did wonderful at a pace that worked for them. There were also a number of testers who had children we had learning disabilities or were struggling readers and all of their feedback was positive. There are games and activities that my kids love and they will play them outside of ‘school’ hours. I often see them writing there phonograms or pointing them out in the things they see around them. Denise Eide and her staff are very helpful and professional. It’s truly an amazing program and I highly highly recommend it. Not only are our children reading and understanding how to decode words, I have learned more in 1.5 years of teaching that I did in all of my schooling combined! I am now confident in my ability to teach our children. If you have questions I would gladly answer them as best I can. We LOVE the Logic of English!!!

Louise Kool and Galt (Educational Toys Canadian) 

Lyrical Learning..promoting literacy through song


Maries Words (SAT Vocab flash cards)

Maloney Method (reading) 

Maple Tree Publications (Canadian Content)

Maple Rose Waldorf Inspired Toys 

Mastery Publications (Math) 

Math Relief (Algebra DVDs) 

Math by Hand 

Math Mammoth 

Math on the Level 

Math U See 

Math Tutor DVD  


Math Without Borders 

Maestro Classics for Kids 

Memory Book (Yearbooks) 

Mathletics (Canadian) 

Memoria Press 

Micro Business for Teens 

Middlebury (Foreign Language) 

Miquon Math 

Mind Resources 

Mindware Brainy Toys 

Model Science Software (Chemistry) 

Monart (Art) 

Moore Academy 

Mother Goose Time 

Moving Beyond the Page 

Moving With Math 

Music at our House 

Music For Young Children 

My Fathers World MFW 

McGraw Hill (Canadian) 

Mystery of History 


Nalleart (French Canadian Program) 

National Institute for Learning Development (Canada) 

Nancy Larson Science  

Nest Learning (curriculum) 

Nelson (Canada) 

Neo/Sci (science kits) 

NOEO Science 

New Horizons Scientific 

Notgrass Company  


Oak Meadow 

One Eye Publications (music) 

One Year Adventure Novel 


Peace Hill Press 

Pearson School k12 

Peppermint Stick Learning Company (Canadian) 

Personalized Education Group 

Progress Academy 

Progeny Press 

Phonix In a Box  

Portage and Main Press (Canadian) 


Queen Homeschool Supplies 

Quick Start Reading 


Rainbow Resources 

Right Brained Math ***** I purchased this to help my 3rd grader with her math facts. She is doing really well once she understood the EZ Times Table. I recommend this for your right brained child. It makes multiplication fun. -A.Flinn

Right Start Math 

Ring of Fire Science

Robinson Curriculum

Rocket Phonics

Rod and Staff

Roman Roads Media (video curriculum) 

Rosetta Stone (foreign language)

Royal Fireworks Press

Runley Productions (Canadian) ***** These read along books are very much enjoyed over and over again by my
 kids. -A.Flinn

Runkle Publishers (geography) 


Spelling Mechanics 

Spectrum Nasco Educational Supplies (Canadian) 


TLA School at Home...virtual learning 

School House Publishing

Scientist of the Day  

Science Sheppard

Scientific Publishing

Secret Stories (reading)

Semple Math 

Seton Homeschool

Sadlier Oxford Educational Publishing

Shatterpoint Entertainment (LEGO Christian Movies)

Shekinah Homeschool Books

Shiller Math

Shurley English

Sing n Learn Homeschool Reading 

Sing 2 Learn

Solid Oak Publishing (Canadian Content)

Songs that Teach


Sonsuh Educational Supplies

Stern Math (preschool-4th) 

Student of the Word 

Supercharged Science 

Spalding Education

Sunflower Education  

Systematic Mathmatics


Tapestry of Grace

Truth Quest History

The Learning Tree Canada  

Teaching Textbooks 

Techno Kids (Canadian) 

Teach Me Joy (early learning) 

Textbook Heaven 

Time for Learning online classes 

Tin Man Press (Enrichment units) 

TLC Educational Supplies 

The Angelicum Academy 

The Classical Historian 

The Corax Academy 

The Critical Thinking Company 

The Easy Spanish (foreign language) 

The Etiquette Factory 

The Latin Road (foreign language) 

The Learning House (Canadian) 

The Struggling Reader 

The Foundation For American Christian Education FACE 

Theory Time (music) 

Thinkwell (online courses) 


TOPS Science 

Total Language Plus 

Touch Math 

Tree of Life  

Trisms (unit studies) 

Twin Sisters Productions (music) 

Teacher Created Resources 

Teacher Store House 

Teaching Supplies 


Virtual Learning (Canada Highschool) 

Verticy Learning (Dyslexic Reading) 

Vision Forum (christian educational supplies) 

Veritas Press 

Voice Persona (audio books) 


Watermelon Works (foreign language) 

Ward's Science 

Winston Grammar 

Winter Promise curriculum 

Wilo Star 3d (online schooling) 

Write at Home 

Write More Stuff 


Writing Strands 


Zeezok Publishing 

Zoo Phonics 



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