Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Group Changes

As of last night the S.Area Homeschool Association has decided to fold into our group. What that means is M.E.S.S. will be the sole homeschool group in the area. M.E.S.S. will continue to run as before. We welcome everyone to the group. If you are interested you can located us on Facebook as well. Above you will find links to our monthly newsletter, lending 'library', and free resources page.

We will be holding a large amalgamation party at the end of Sept to celebrate the new school year. Or for those who school year round to just have fun with friends. We encourage everyone to join who homeschools in the area as having a good support network can often be a great lifesaver when needed.  Our group is very active with a minimum of four events held monthly throughout the year. It allows everyone an opportunity to join in and make friends. We hope to see you at the next event!

If you don't have Facebook know that we will be working over the summer to update the website so that you can access easily the events that are happening. In the meantime we give a list monthly on the right of the page about the events and you can email messfriendsgroup@gmail.com to learn the details about each event. We do not post full names or places on the webpage as it can be read by anyone surfing the web.

Further if you wish to have an event listed please submit it via the facebook page to Amber or via the email before the last weekend of the month. We post at the beginning of each month so it gives everyone time to plan their month's accordingly. We realize though that this isn't always possible so we also do take spontaneous events and add them in from time to time. Also if you would like to submit an article you wrote, a recipe, anecdote, poem, funny, etc for the monthly newsletter please email before the last weekend of the month so it can be included. Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone throughout the year!


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